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I am a self taught artist specializing in chalk pastels.

My mother used to do portraits in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Her medium of choice was chalk pastels. After I showed an interest in drawing, she introduced me to pastels, and I’ve enjoyed them so much!

In the last 10 years though, I’ve begun to broaden my interest in other types of art . . . from sketching in charcoal to painting in acrylics — on anything from canvas to stones.

Come in and browse. I hope you find something you’ll enjoy.

Here are a few of my latest pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

Actual sizes of pictures are shown below next to title. Chalk pastels are delicate and can be damaged if touched by human hands,  much like a butterfly’s wings. For this reason, all pictures have been matted and framed to protect the artwork from damage.
Frames and mats may be replaced at any frame shop.

I specialize in Pet Portraits . . . Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Horses etc. Here is how it works:

Provide me with a photograph or two of a beloved pet, and I can provide you with a portrait you’ll be glad to show your friends. Prices are commensurate with the size and complexity of the portrait. Please bring your frame and mat when you bring the photographs so that the portrait can be mounted when complete.

I request you to provide the frame and mat for two reasons:

  1. You are able to choose from an unlimited variety of frames and mat colors to match your home.
  2. The fragility of pastel portraits is similar to the wings of a butterfly. They must be properly mounted to protect them from damage. Just a simple wipe with a finger can destroy the work.